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I spy the sun..

10 December 1985
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I have a not-so short list of things I want to accomplish.

Currently, I work full-time as an office receptionist, part-time as a photographer, part-time giving intuitive readings, I house/dogsit and I'm enrolled full-time at IPSB [International Professional School of Bodywork or Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing] to become a Holistic Health Practitioner with an Associate Degree in science.

I love my dog.

I eat peacefully [I am vegan].

I draw every chance I get.

My growing photography business grants me professional creative freedom and that is something sacred.

I'm doing and learning the ins and outs of yoga so that I can [one day] hold workshops.

I'm meditating and becoming better at interpreting my clairvoyance.

I finally feel awake!

I'm way too busy for a social life right now, other than the sleep sacrifices I make to see the man I love.

Said boyfriend [Brian Grider] is AMAZING and has a lot of big plans, too.

We're happy, busy, and in love.
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